Vajrasattva Practice

The Wish-fulfilling Jewel


Purifying negative karma and accomplishing the twin benefits by relying on the accomplished Vajrasattva – the essential practice, the wish-fulfilling jewel

Terma of Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok –

the Wish-fulfilling Jewel, the Lord of Dharma





From now until Enlightenment is attained

Before the oceans of all classes and lords of mandalas

Before Guru-Vajrasattva

I take refuge with the deepest understanding and faith

[ recite 3 times ]


Generating Bodhicitta


For the sake of all sentient beings equal ( in number ) to space

So as to place them in a definite blissful state

With infinite diligence through body, speech and mind

Never will I stray from the Path to Enlightenment 

[ recite 3 times ]


Visualisation of the Deity



In front of oneself, amidst oceans of cloud-like offerings

On top of a throne, moon seat and white lotus

Sits the Lord of all Mandalas – Vajrasattva

Clear in appearance, white and luminous like the moon

One face, two hands, holding the vajra and bell

In perfect Enjoyment Body’s adornments, legs fully crossed

Emitting wisdom rays to all ten directions

Within that state of perfect meditative-equipoise, Vajrasattva appears

We beseech you, O Guru-Vajrasattva

Please remember Your past vows

I and all suffering beings

Pray strongly to You, bless us through Your compassion

From beginningless time ( till the present )

All downfalls committed through body, speech and mind

Like feeding poison to ourselves

We openly confess and give rise to the deepest regrets

From now onwards, even should we lose our lives

We will never commit any negativities

We pray to You: with Your compassionate eyes, look at us

with Your blessed hand, Grant us Liberation

I and all sentient beings

Are thereby purified of all broken samayas

May all common and uncommon siddhis

Be now fully accomplished

[ recite 1 time ]


 Thus should one pray. Possessed of the 4 opponent powers ( power of reliance, power of destruction of negativities, power of revival, power of remedy ), do recitation of the heart mantra of Vajrasattva: OM VAJRASATTVA HUM according to one’s ability. Completion of 400,000 mantras restores broken root tantric samayas. Samaya! Do the dedication and auspicious verses at the end.





Merit from this practice and merit accumulated throughout the three times

All these are dedicated for the benefit of limitless beings

May all be swiftly

Established upon the stage of Vajrasattva

[ recite 1 time ]


Auspicious Verses



All material-objects arise as pure body-qualities,

All sound-objects arise with perfect mantra-qualities,

All thought-objects arise within primordial wisdom,

All virtues accomplished – may all be auspicious.

[ recite 1 time ]


The above terma appeared in the pure vision of “Ah Wang Luo Zhu Zong Mei” [ Jigme Phuntsok: Terton Sogyal – Lerab Lingpa – Guru of H.H. the 13th and 14th Dalai Lama ] on 7 April 1997 and is recorded by disciple “Holder-of-perfect-vows”.

Proper recitation of 400,000 of the above heart mantra in accordance to the Dharma teachings is equivalent in spiritual merit to 500 billion recitation of the six-syllable mantra. If the practice is practised properly, in this live, obstacles will be dispelled, life-span will be extended, wealth will flourish, sickness will be eliminated, all wishes will be fulfilled and so on. In the next live, one will definitely be reborn into Dewachen - Pure Land of Limitless Bliss or any other Pure Land one desires. This practice for dispelling obscurations can be practised by practitioners of Sutrayana, Vajrayana or people without initiation. May all understand the above. The above is authenticated by Jigme Phuntsok and thousands of the noble community of Sangha of La Rong Monastic University. Increased Auspiciousness!

Humbly translated from Chinese into English by Jigme Wangchuk